Is it a bug or a feature?

I’ve decided that my delight in ensuring every step of the boot making process is precise is not due to some sort of compulsive desire for perfection. It’s laziness. I took a tiny bit of extra time to make it nice and neat at this point so that later when I lay the soles, there will be a defined and smooth place for them to go. Putting on the soles will be easy and there won’t be ugly gaps or spots where they don’t want to stick.

About customboots

I'm a custom cowboy boot maker. I own a business, Sorrell Custom Boots, and I create bespoke cowboy boots using vintage machinery and hand tools. I also own, a company that specializes in tools, supplies, and leather for the boot and shoe making trade.
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2 Responses to Is it a bug or a feature?

  1. Mike McCanna says:

    I read a story ages ago titled, The Man Who Was Too Lazy Not To Succeed.

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