An old friend

I got this design from Jay Griffith, the very first boot maker I worked for. I was hired to stitch boot tops, and for several months I only did simple one-row stitch patterns. The first complicated, multi-row design I remember was this one, and I shudder to think how it must have looked. My only memories of this design involve Marty Stuart–the first boot was for a friend of his, and the second was for a member of his band. I’ve always loved the design and longed to make it again, and I’m excited to finally be doing it.


Phoenix boots

Helpful tip: When putting together an inlaid design, lay the leather over the paper pattern. This will ensure the leather doesn’t distort, and also provide guidelines for laying in multiple layers.


All of the main pieces are in place–now for the details.


The largest feathers have double inlay.


It’s taking me about an hour to stitch one complete Phoenix. I have one done and three more to go.