Tokyo, Japan

DaleĀ and I are in Tokyo, Japan right now, and we’re having a great time. I’m teaching a leather inlay/overlay class and Dale is keeping me company.

Here’s a skyline shot of Tokyo, taken from a ferris wheel.


Yesterday, I wore the red shoes that Paige made for me.


This is my classroom with all of my students. They are so skilled already that teaching is easy.


I’m having my first-ever solo gallery show here!


The hard part is done

The United States flag/eagle boot tops are stitched. I am most proud of the fact that the entire boot top, with the exception of the lettered banner (different color of thread) and the tail feathers (will be stitched later), was done as one continuous line of stitching. I started at the bottom of the flag pole, worked my way through the complete design, and finished back at the bottom of the flag pole.