Lacing the shank

Here’s a progress photo of how I put in a steel shank. On the far left is a boot with the steel shank glued in. That obviously wouldn’t last long, so the glue is just to hold it in place until I lace it. In the middle, I’ve added a layer of leather over the steel shank. Finally, on the right, I’ve securely laced-in the covered shank.



I’m working on my website today. I’m adding all of the lasts to that website, with updated and current stock quantities. I have five last models up already and should complete the remainder of the last models by this evening. If you want to order, or see exactly what sizes and widths I have in stock in which models, check it out!

Tail feathers

I’m working on boots again in my studio, and today I sewed the vamps and counter covers onto this pair of boots. They’re a little tricky, because the eagle’s tail feathers extend over the tongue. I sewed the eagle completely except for the tail feathers, sewed the vamps and counter covers onto the tops, and now I’m doing the decorative stitching on the tail feathers.