Ball fillers

I’m glueing in a piece called the ball filler to bring everything up to level. Then I can lace in the steel shank.┬áThe best way I’ve found to apply the water-based contact cement is to use a squirt bottle and then spread the glue with the blade brush.


The blade brush doesn’t hold much glue so if you’re dipping glue with it, it takes LOTS of dipping. I don’t have all day so this method works better.


My haunted studio

I’ve been searching for my missing heel pry tool for days. This morning I came into the shop and found it lying in the middle of my work bench. One of my mentors told me that when you search everywhere for a tool and then find it right out in the open where you already looked, it was taken by an old dead boot maker. They borrow your tools and put them back when you’re not looking.