Guest blogger post

Here’s a link to a great post from Leslie Myers, a fellow shoe fanatic and blogger who was at the Footwear Symposium in Ashland, Oregon. Since my specialty is carrying a camera around but never actually taking pictures with it, she did a much better job of documenting the weekend. She has a short video of brief interviews with several of the footwear makers who attended, and I’m one of them!

Wingtip Women

I feel like an author now

I sent the completed book materials for the leather inlay/overlay book off to the publisher yesterday. Authors frequently refer to books as their children and I have decided it’s very true. At the beginning it was so sweet and wonderful but gradually it became a surly adult and I was starting to wonder if I’d ever get it out of my basement. Now that it’s gone, I’m remembering the good times and feeling broody. Maybe I’ll make another book!