Paige’s work

Paige has been working on a very cool project. I’m so proud of her and impressed with the results!

A lady brought Paige a pair of cowboy boots that had belonged to her father. She couldn’t wear the boots but she wanted them preserved in a way that would let her keep them and remember him.


Paige made a wonderful, functional purse from the old boots. She spent quite a bit of time patterning and planning, and it went together beautifully!


Seal of Austria

I sent these off to their new owner yesterday. I’ve been working on them in my shop for three months; with my travel schedule I didn’t plan on continuous attention for these. They were here so long they began to feel like mine, and I kinda miss them.
I named them “I’ll Be Here (If You Ever Want Me)” for two reasons. The song has the phrase “ain’t no chain strong enough to hold me” and the eagle has broken the chain. And, he’s a good customer, so I’ll be here if he wants more!