I love making boots, really I do!

There was much weeping and wailing in my shop this morning, because I dreaded the thought of punching all the little holes that will enable me to transfer this design to leather. And yes, I do it on the sewing machine, but much of this design required me to turn the wheel by hand, resulting in a blister on my finger. However, it is done, and now I get to cut it out of leather four times, skive it all, and then stitch it!
AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuggggg…… muted screaming in background….

About customboots

I'm a custom cowboy boot maker. I own a business, Sorrell Custom Boots, and I create bespoke cowboy boots using vintage machinery and hand tools. I have no employees, but my daughter Paige works in my shop with me. She has her own business making ladies shoes.
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2 Responses to I love making boots, really I do!

  1. Naantastic says:

    This is a very beautiful design but I don’t even want to imagine the trouble of working on that!! I am learning to work on leather and have recently started making polka dots and did manage to injure myself a few times skiving leather and hole punching which is VERY EASY compared to your design here. I applaud you. I hope we get to see the finished project?

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