Two rows, double the fun

This is only the second time I’ve had to do a sole with two rows of stitching and I’ve been worrying about it since I took the order. But it’s done and it looks great!


About customboots

I'm a custom cowboy boot maker. I own a business, Sorrell Custom Boots, and I create bespoke cowboy boots using vintage machinery and hand tools. I also own, a company that specializes in tools, supplies, and leather for the boot and shoe making trade.
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4 Responses to Two rows, double the fun

  1. Joanne says:

    Wow, awesome! Can’t wait to see the finished boot.

  2. georgiabrickoven says:

    That double stitching is amazing! I’m proud of your steady hand and cooperative machine!

  3. customboots says:

    Cooperative machine, ha! It started breaking and fraying the thread as soon as I started, so I had to stop, replace the needle and awl, and retime it. Only then did the machine decide I’d suffered enough and begin cooperating.

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