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August newsletter Here’s a link to my August newsletter. It contains information about a competition I’ve entered and I’ll be posting more about that later.

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I was inseaming this afternoon when Dale stopped by with our dog Winston. The dog went to the vet this morning and returned a little different. He’s not too happy about it but the cat, previously the object of his … Continue reading

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Learning to peg soles

Brittney wasn’t pleased with her pegging abilities today and I told her it takes a long time to learn to peg well. I said, “I’ve been doing this for 20 years. You can either be good at pegging or be … Continue reading

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Pegging the soles

Brittney is pegging her boot soles today. She almost got sent home for wearing an orange OSU shirt in my shop but I decided I could be tolerant. Bless her heart. JOKING!!

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Brittney’s boots

My student Brittney stitched the soles on her cowboy boots. The Curved Needle is an extremely difficult machine to learn and she did a fantastic job. I’m trying to decide if she’s unusually talented or if I’m an exceptional teacher.

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Working in the shop

In the foreground is my student Brittney working on the boots she’s learning to make. That’s my daughter Paige in the background at the second finisher. She just started a pair of shoes for her grandma.

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Monday Video

I’ve been doing a YouTube video every Monday. I’ve changed format a little, made it longer, and from now on I’ll be uploading a new video every other Monday. It’s just a little snippet of life in a boot shop.

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