Photography and advice

First, isn’t this a cool photo?

Second, notice how I’m cutting just inside the dotted lines? I do that on purpose because after the inlay is done I’ll need to stitch around it. The dotted line is my stitching line, NOT my cutting line. If I cut directly on the dotted line and then stitch on the edge, the entire design “grows” a little. This can be fatal for a design with multiple small elements close together or one that’s very close to the side seam.


I’ve been working and I can prove it!

Here’s a photo progression of the work I accomplished today.

This is the design for the pair of boots I’m making. It’s on top of the leathers I’ll use and off to the right are the pattern pieces for each bit of inlay.


I’ve marked each inlay pattern piece onto the appropriate leather, next I’ll cut them out and skive all of the edges.


Each piece has been cut and skived. I still enjoy watching a seemingly random pile of little bits of leather come together to form a beautiful boot top.


And… this is what my floor looks like after an afternoon of skiving.